Rethinking Interviews

At last count, there were no less than 97,361 perspectives on how to ace your next interview, and there’s probably some good advice to be found in all of them. But let’s think about prepping for your next interview a bit differently by including some new perspectives and techniques.   Rethink Answers: Tell Stories The [...]

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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Our hiring manager Sally is just about to interview Bob, a great candidate on paper, already vetted (3 stars!) by the Talent Acquisition (T/A) team, and Sally really needs to fill this position yesterday. Bob arrives a couple of minutes later, they exchange introductions, make some small talk for a few minutes, and happens. [...]

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Head and Heart – Emerging Trends in Candidate Selection

Finally! Samantha hangs up the phone and immediately adds the just-scheduled interview to her calendar. She really wants this job, and she can’t wait to meet the hiring manager! It’s been a journey – a week for the first call-back, 2 phone screens over 2 weeks, then another week waiting to get the interview scheduled [...]

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5 Tips for Acing the Phone Interview

The goal of the phone interview is simple: For the employer to determine whether it is worth it to him to meet you in person. From this one conversation, the interviewer will form ideas and opinions about your enthusiasm, knowledge, skills, and personality. 5 Tips for Acing the Phone Interview Practice, and then practice some more. Have [...]

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Salary Speak: The Truth About Pay Increases When Changing Jobs

Salary Speak: The Truth About Pay Increases When Changing Jobs Imagine this. You are wrapping up an interview for a job that feels like a perfect fit. You researched the company. You prepared a list of well-thought out questions. You feel confident. Then, the interviewer lobs that final question that causes anxiety for even the [...]

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Interview Tips: How to fix interview blunders

Interview tips Looking for interview tips? No matter our level of confidence, the interview process can leave us second-guessing whether we have truly put our best foot forward.  Often, we leave an interview feeling uncertain or, worse, as though we committed a huge mistake. In this article by The Daily Muse, the author speaks to how we can [...]

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