The Compensation Conversation: Market Trends and Data

Last week, we started a conversation centered around compensation and today's current labor market. You may get to the offer stage of the hiring process, just to find out that the compensation expectations of your all-star candidate are staggeringly different than what you as the hiring manager were prepared to extend. You end up losing [...]

The Compensation Conversation: Put Your Cards on the Table

If you’re in Talent Acquisition or Recruiting, you’ve seen it happen 100 times: We find a great candidate, drag her through phone screens and video interviews and face-to-face meetings with everyone in the department – and finally, we have “the one” – Super Sally will soon be hired. The hiring manager works with HR, Compensation, [...]

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Give Yourself A Raise – Switch Jobs!

So, you work at Marathon Petroleum, do you? Great company, but did you know that it would take the annual pay of 935 typical Marathon employees to equal the pay of your CEO? Nice gig. Look, nothing against Marathon. Your friend at Humana? She and 343 of her typical employee friends at Humana could combine their [...]

Salary Speak: The Truth About Pay Increases When Changing Jobs

Salary Speak: The Truth About Pay Increases When Changing Jobs Imagine this. You are wrapping up an interview for a job that feels like a perfect fit. You researched the company. You prepared a list of well-thought out questions. You feel confident. Then, the interviewer lobs that final question that causes anxiety for even the [...]

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