Good news for job seekers! Employment outlook for the remainder of 2014 is very optimistic.

The first half of 2014 has proven to be a period of growth for our clients. Unlike the past several years when they were running a leaner team, many of our clients have been pushing forward with hiring new headcount. We expect this trend to continue in the months to come.

In fact, according to CareerBuilder’s Midyear U.S. Job Forecast, nearly one half of employers they surveyed plan to add full-time headcount over the remainder of 2014 (June-December), with 31% of employers projecting added headcount in Q3.

According to Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder, “The results of this year’s survey are indicative of a more assured employer population compared to 2013 when companies were, to some extent, irresolute when it came to adding permanent staff… The 2014 midyear forecast shows employers are expecting forward movement in all categories of hiring…”.

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