Project Valentine 2019

Project Valentine 2019 Each year, the Austin community has the opportunity to make a group of 12 children's Valentine's Day feel extremely special. Project Valentine is an effort put together by Cheyanna's Champions 4 Children (CC4C) in which they collect hundreds of hand-made, personalized cards for their 12 Champion Children. CC4C's mission is to support [...]

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Peak Performer Trip: Lake Tahoe Style

BWC Peak Performer Club 2018 What do the Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Riviera Maya and Lake Tahoe have in common? They've all been destinations for the Becker Wright Consultants Peak Performer Club Trip! This year, our team of recruiters and their plus ones traded in bathing suits for ski jackets and headed to Tahoe together. The [...]

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Recruiting Strategy: Blitz!

It’s late in the 4th quarter, and Tom Brady is shredding our secondary. The game’s tied, but it won’t be for much longer if we keep letting him stand in the pocket and sling it around. The Defensive Coordinator calls a time out, and when the players are back on the sideline, he’s in our [...]

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8 Tips for Your Job Search Strategy

It's no secret that candidates have the power in today's labor market, but that still doesn't mean you should start looking for your next opportunity without a job search strategy in place. With the following eight tips, candidates should have a great starting ground to form a job search strategy that will land them not [...]

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A Recruiting Strategy for Today’s Market: Poach and Pounce

Not too long ago, corporate recruiting efforts were fairly basic: We need an Accountant, we post the position on our website and a couple of job boards, we pick the best applicants, interview them 14 times, and leisurely hire from that group. Yes, the old “post and pray” method at its finest, and it actually [...]

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Rethinking Interviews

At last count, there were no less than 97,361 perspectives on how to ace your next interview, and there’s probably some good advice to be found in all of them. But let’s think about prepping for your next interview a bit differently by including some new perspectives and techniques.   Rethink Answers: Tell Stories The [...]

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Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover

Our hiring manager Sally is just about to interview Bob, a great candidate on paper, already vetted (3 stars!) by the Talent Acquisition (T/A) team, and Sally really needs to fill this position yesterday. Bob arrives a couple of minutes later, they exchange introductions, make some small talk for a few minutes, and happens. [...]

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It’s [Past] Time to Revamp Your Talent Acquisition Approach

The labor market in 2018 is very much unlike anything seen in recent years, perhaps decades. With unemployment in many categories at all-time lows, a booming economy (4.1% growth in 2Q 2018), and more open positions than unemployed people participating in the workforce, 2018 is a great time to be a job seeker and a [...]

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Recruiting 2.0 – How will AI be integrated into Talent Acquisition?

Recruiting is not easy. Effective recruiting requires specialized knowledge and experience, along with the ability to solve complex problems by making inferences based on that knowledge and experience. With increased talk about Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking over jobs, we'll discuss how recruiters will eventually benefit from working hand-in-hand with AI. For those of us in [...]

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The Compensation Conversation: Market Trends and Data

Last week, we started a conversation centered around compensation and today's current labor market. You may get to the offer stage of the hiring process, just to find out that the compensation expectations of your all-star candidate are staggeringly different than what you as the hiring manager were prepared to extend. You end up losing [...]

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