BWC Peak Performer Club

BWC Peak Performer Club 2017

2017 has come and gone, which means so has another successful trip for the BWC Peak Performer Club. What is the Peak Performer Club you ask? Each year, Becker Wright Consultants holds a 6-month contest for the recruiters to qualify for the Peak Performer Club, thus qualifying for a five-day international and all-inclusive trip with the rest of the Club! In order to qualify within the time frame of the contest, the BWC team member must reach a billings goal that is individually set by their respective manager. Once the contest ends in November, the Peak Performer Club travels to the tropical location together in January.

Where was the Peak Performer Club’s destination this year? Riviera Maya, Mexico

BWC Peak Performer ClubThe Peak Performer Club touched down in Riviera Maya, beach bags in hand and smiles wide! This year’s resort was in Playa Del Carmen, with a day trip planned for Tulum. As cliche as it may sound, no matter the destination of the trip – the best part each year is spending time in the company of each other outside of the office. Since many of our team members work remotely aside from company meetings or outings, this is a great opportunity for uniting as one and getting to know each other on a more personal level.

Peak Performer destinations for years past have included the Bahamas and Dominican Republic, however this year’s trip set a record for the number of team members who qualified. Nine recruiters qualified for the 2017 Peak Performer Club, bringing the total number of trip attendees to twenty-four!

Bottom line: We like to have fun!

Whether it is the Peak Performer trip each winter or an outing to Deep Eddy Vodka Distillery in the summer, Becker Wright Consultants likes to have a good time. We truly believe that a company can’t be successful without having a strong culture to back it up. We pride ourselves on our family-like atmosphere, leadership and mentoring from the top down, and recognizing and rewarding the hard work and dedication our team members put in on a day-to-day basis. Congratulations to those who made this year’s Peak Performer Club and cheers to another year of possibilities!

BWC Peak Performer Club