“I’ve never experienced this level of professionalism and punctuality from any recruiter in the past.”

As much as we can pat ourselves on the back, our clients and candidates are the ones who truly communicate our value. The following candidate testimonial was sent to Becker Wright Consultants in reference to their experience working with one of our professional recruiters, Caitlin:

“I’ve been contacted by several recruiters over the past couple of years. Most have been nice overall, but all pretty much the same – as in they do what I’d expect a recruiter to do. That is have a high level description of the position they are looking to fill and some details on the range of the compensation package offered. Caitlin knew all of this as well, but stood out to me on several fronts. She has truly been the only recruiter I have spoken to that had an in-depth understanding of the role that they were placing me in. She knew a great deal about the company and their goals, as well. This alone was impressive because knowing the organization’s goals allowed me to align my goals and ensure a perfect fit. She was readily available, proactive with her suggestions, providing feedback and communication at literally every step in the process. She had a genuine interest in how I was doing after every interaction with my current company. Her feedback and preparation was very helpful in the interview process as well. Even more surprising, she followed up after training, 30 days into the role, and again 60 days into the role; and I still hear from her to see how things are going. I’ve never experienced this level of professionalism and punctuality from any recruiter in the past. She has definitely set herself apart in her field and I would hands down recommend anyone looking for a great recruiter reach out to her.”  -Paris D., Atlanta

We Really Care

candidate testimonial

What does this testimonial prove? We really care about our candidates! What Paris outlines as his experience working with Caitlin is not a singular occurrence. Each of our recruiters follow this approach from initiation through completion of the hiring process. On the front end of the search, we do our due diligence to uncover not only the job duties, but also the missions, values, and overall culture of the client. Taking it a step farther, we guide our candidates through the interview process to ensure ambiguity and stress are at an all-time low. Our job doesn’t end when you get the job. As mentioned in the testimonial above, each of our recruiters are sure to follow up periodically after you’ve started to make sure things are going well and you’re settled in your new role.

How This Sets Us Apart

Sometimes the field of recruiting comes with a negative connotation. Some people interpret recruiters to be impersonal and only focused on the client. We assure you this is not how we operate at Becker Wright Consultants. We understand that finding the right job for you is a very personal feat and we treat it as such. From fitting into the culture to mapping out a simple commute to the new job site, we cover each step of the process with the candidate in mind. Of course, this is not to say we push the client’s needs aside – our emphasis on finding the right fit benefits both sides of the equation!

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