Long Live Retail!

We’ve heard “retail is dead” shouted from the rooftops for the past several years, and the waves of retailer bankruptcies and store closures would seem to support this notion. In fact, the final Toys R Us locations will close this week, the latest in a string of closures in recent years. Here’s the thing: Retail [...]

Top Talent Delivers Top Results

Every company wants to achieve top results, but they may not realize that top talent is the key to this. A Harvard Business Review article published in late 2017 provides some scientific basis for core concepts that management leaders have instinctively known and observed over time: The best performers in a company contribute far more [...]

Setting Recruiting Expectations in 2018

Setting Recruiting Expectations in 2018 A new year is a new time to set your company's recruiting expectations high. By all indications, 2018 is poised to be a challenging year for U.S. companies seeking to add talented professionals to their workforce. The combination of a record-breaking increase in stock valuation (up roughly 26% in 2017, [...]

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