It’s All in the Data – Emerging Recruiting Trends

Savvy job seekers and informed hiring companies are constantly on the search for information about the recruiting process in 2018: What works/doesn’t work in 2018, what trends are emerging, how long should a candidate wait to receive an offer, how can we boost our acceptance ratio, how important is compensation to a candidate, and more. [...]

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Head and Heart – Emerging Trends in Candidate Selection

Finally! Samantha hangs up the phone and immediately adds the just-scheduled interview to her calendar. She really wants this job, and she can’t wait to meet the hiring manager! It’s been a journey – a week for the first call-back, 2 phone screens over 2 weeks, then another week waiting to get the interview scheduled [...]

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Today’s Hiring Landscape: Put a Ring on It

We’ve all heard reports from media and colleagues about the strong growth in actual and projected hiring activity during the past year, and it seems likely that these trends will continue or even accelerate throughout the rest of 2018. Those of us on the front lines of today’s talent wars likely have examples of candidates [...]

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