Solving the challenge for hiring managers

You, the hiring managers, continue to tell us that you have staffing requirements for Q2, Q3, and beyond. The problem: No budget for using a recruiting agency. Or, internal departments hesitate about using an external staffing firm. As you know, sourcing candidates for your key positions can be incredibly time consuming, sometimes even taking up to six months to find the perfect candidate.

We might already have your ideal candidate

We’re already talking with many of those “ideal candidates.” In fact, our recruiters collectively have thousands of connections – not just connections, but relationships with talented professionals who trust us to bring amazing career opportunities to them.

How to justify the cost of a recruiter

If you are having trouble justifying the expense of using us, call me! Many of you know me and know that I am willing to make it work. Because we are a boutique firm, we can be flexible and work with your budget considerations. We can provide resumes of perfect-fit candidates at no cost to you, so that you can justify your expense. We can prove our value to your organization, immediately. I look forward to speaking with you.

Jennifer Wright, (512) 263-7977.