Why should you want to impress recruiters? Recruiters can be powerful allies in helping you make career changes. They often have vast networks of connections within your industry and have direct relationships with hiring managers and decision makers. They have insight into how hiring decisions are made by their clients. The job seeker and recruiter relationship is one that is mutually beneficial. Here are 5 ways to impress recruiters and to build great relationships:

    1. Be honest. 
      Hiding information or being dishonest with a recruiter or potential employer is a bad idea. It is much better to be honest about any potential concerns, such as gaps in your employment history, so that your recruiter can help you to mitigate those issues. If you lie about important information, such as your compensation, it will likely come to light at some point in the hiring process, affecting your credibility.
    2. Be willing to walk away from an opportunity– at any point in the process.
      As enticing as an opportunity may seem, you must be willing to walk away if you find that it is not the right job for you, for any reason. Do not try to be a square peg in a round hole. If the job requires a relocation, change in salary, or even longer commute, be upfront with  your recruiter about any concerns so they can be explored.  Recruiters would much prefer for you to gracefully walk away from the opportunity early in the process, than to continue knowing that it is not the right fit for you.
    3. Be prompt with responses and information and meet your commitments.
      The hiring process is a time-sensitive one. The recruiter works according to the prospective employer’s timeline. Send your resume when promised and respond to recruiter’s requests for information in a timely manner. Otherwise, the recruiter will likely move on to other potential candidates.
    4. Be polite and professional.
      Even if the opportunity is one in which you are disinterested, be polite when engaging with a recruiter. As with any other business relationship, being impolite or insulting burns bridges. Recruiters have vast networks of potential employers within your industry. Make a good impression so that they will think of your for future opportunities!
    5. Be reliable.
      If you have a call set up with a recruiter, be on time or reschedule ahead of time, if necessary. Under no circumstances should you ever not show up for a face-to-face interview. Other than dishonesty, nothing will tarnish your professional reputation faster than not showing up for an interview or missing a phone interview with a potential employer.

One final note…if the role presented is not right for you, offer the names of potential candidates you know to the recruiter. Not only might you be helping someone else find a great opportunity, but the recruiter will definitely remember you when another role comes along!