8 Tips for Your Job Search Strategy

It's no secret that candidates have the power in today's labor market, but that still doesn't mean you should start looking for your next opportunity without a job search strategy in place. With the following eight tips, candidates should have a great starting ground to form a job search strategy that will land them not [...]

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Rethinking Interviews

At last count, there were no less than 97,361 perspectives on how to ace your next interview, and there’s probably some good advice to be found in all of them. But let’s think about prepping for your next interview a bit differently by including some new perspectives and techniques.   Rethink Answers: Tell Stories The [...]

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Three of the Most Promising Jobs: How Job Seekers and Companies Can Benefit

We’ve all heard how quickly the economy is growing, that we’ve achieved unemployment levels below 4.0%, and everyone’s hiring. It’s certainly a job seeker’s market and companies are scrambling to fill key jobs in a timely manner. You’ve likely seen multiple versions of this scenario in news feeds, and a quick online search will produce [...]

Cost of Living: Is the grass really always greener?

Where we choose to live impacts so many aspects of our lives – where we work, kids’ schools, commute time, overall economy and new job opportunities, and too many personal things to list. Earlier this month, our friends at U.S. News and World Report released its annual ranking of the 125 Best Places to Live [...]

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Pay It Forward!

You’re working through another challenging day, and sometime between meetings and the next crisis, it happens – an email from a recruiter about what sounds like a great job. You check it out, think about it, then realize that there’s no way you could move right now or you’re waiting on that promotion they keep [...]

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5 Tips to Get Past the ATS and Get the Call

There you are – staring at the latest robo-email from another company that inevitably begins “thanks for your interest” and ends with “keep your resume on file”. You know the one, we’ve all gotten them, the dreaded “thanks but no thanks” email that their system sends to dozens of other candidates. So why are we [...]

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Go West

Looking for more job opportunities and higher earnings growth? Well, keep reading…and start packing. A recent report in the Wall Street Journal indicates that 8 of the top 10 states with the highest earnings growth from 2016-2017 are in the West – and the leader is likely a surprise: Idaho Washington Arizona Utah Colorado Nevada [...]

Give Yourself A Raise – Switch Jobs!

So, you work at Marathon Petroleum, do you? Great company, but did you know that it would take the annual pay of 935 typical Marathon employees to equal the pay of your CEO? Nice gig. Look, nothing against Marathon. Your friend at Humana? She and 343 of her typical employee friends at Humana could combine their [...]

Recruiters Are Your Friends; Help Us Help You!

There it is. You open your inbox and find a note from a recruiter who wants to discuss a great job opportunity. Should you reply and see what it’s about? Why bother, recruiters are jerks anyway, right? Wrong; Recruiters are your friends! Every day on LinkedIn, I see another post about how recruiters are all [...]

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