By: Donna Simpson

Hiring managers take note…end of year hiring for 2015 is expected to continue to increase in Q4. This includes permanent, full-time employees, not only seasonal workers. A recent CareerBuilder survey finds that 29% of employers plan to add permanent staff, up from 25% in Q4 of 2013.
“We are currently in a candidate-driven market,” says Jennifer Wright of Lakeway-based Becker Wright Consultants. “Top talent is in high demand across virtually all industries. It is increasingly difficult to gain the attention of quality candidates. This is where we can help.”

Jennifer joined her first executive recruiting firm while completing her Master’s Degree in Business from St. Thomas University. It was there that her passion for recruiting developed. At that point, she developed a successful business plan that would launch Becker Wright Consultants, here in Lakeway.

“Many hiring managers are simply unaware of what an executive recruiting firm has to offer,” says Jennifer. “Our expertise lies in taking the burden of finding qualified candidates from business leaders– allowing them to focus on their core business needs.”

With her connections, Jennifer has secured contracts placing professionals with major corporations nationwide, such as Starbucks, Ann Taylor, and American Tower, to name just a few. The firm serves a number of industries, such as telecom, medical, oil and gas, high-tech, sales and marketing, design and architecture, and real estate and development. They have, to date, had a hand in assisting over 50 corporations with their hiring needs, focusing on management and executive-level staff.

With all of their success nationwide, Jennifer and her growing team also enjoy working with local companies. “As a small business owner, I love the excitement, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit we find with smaller businesses. We are excited to collaborate with them in finding the perfect people for key roles in their growing organizations. It is, in fact, a perfect marriage,” says Jennifer.

Becker Wright Consultants offers both retained and contingency-based services.

If you are struggling with difficult-to-fill positions, call Jennifer for a consultation.

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