By: Susan Harrison

Though 50% of US companies have difficulty finding top talent (Manpower Group, 2012), too many employers spend valuable time mining the same channels or contract with large “job shop” recruiters who offer a volume of candidates, but yield disappointing results. The solution may lie in getting the right firm to help. “Many hiring managers are simply unaware of what an executive recruiting firm has to offer,” says Jennifer Wright, the founder of Becker Wright Consultants (BWC), an Austin-based recruiting firm. After several years working in larger firms, Jennifer had a vision of establishing a boutique firm with personalized service. “Our expertise lies in taking the burden of finding qualified candidates from business leaders, thereby allowing them to focus on their core business needs.” Jennifer has since molded a company that blends both candidate and client awareness and professionalism in the field of recruiting.
With her connections, Jennifer has secured contracts placing professionals with major corporations nationwide, such as Starbucks, Ann Taylor, and American Tower, to name just a few. BWC serves a number of industries, such as telecom, medical, oil and gas, high-tech and others. BWC has, to date, had a hand in hiring over 250 associates nationwide and assisting over 30 corporations.

“I really enjoy the thrill of being able to make a placement that a national firm could not”, says Jennifer. A perfect example is BWC’s recent work with a local gaming company. Says David Godwin, CEO of Sneaky Games, “Even though they are not part of the traditional game industry, Jennifer and her team have produced for us quality candidates that are better and more qualified than those coming from the typical game industry recruitment firms–and they brought them to us fast.”

With all of their success nationwide, Jennifer and her team love working with local companies. “We enjoy the satisfaction of working with people with whom we interact on a daily basis,” says Jennifer. “Whether you are a 3 employee company, or a Fortune 500 company, we can qualify the right talent for your business. And, we do it on your timeline.”

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