time-to-productivityAre you planning to hire new employees in the fall? Consider time-to-productivity.

Fall is typically the busiest hiring season, but with holidays just ahead on the calendar, you must begin your hiring process now–in order for new employees to be fully productive before the holiday season.

What is time-to-productivity?

According to The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp), time-to-productivity encompasses the following:

  • The time required to ensure that a new employee has all the credentials and equipment necessary in order to perform his or her job duties.
  • The period required for the new employee to master the skills needed to perform his/her job duties at a fully productive level.
  • The time required for the new employee to achieve a degree of proficiency that matches that of a colleague with two-to-three years’ experience.

How Time-to-Productivity Affects Quality-of-Hire

Often, hiring managers plan only for when they know that they will need to hire, without fully understanding or recognizing how long their onboarding and training processes will really take. Understanding your business’s time-to-productivity can aid in planning and proactive hiring, which in turn, improves the quality-of-hire.

So, if your next quarter plans include hiring, now is the time to start!


The Institute for Corporate Productivity

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