By: Cynthia Milligan

When Jennifer Wright began her career in recruiting, the industry was much different than it is today.

Without tools like LinkedIn and other technologies, she quickly learned that recruiting was all about building relationships and identifying with the human aspect of hiring.

Says Jennifer, “I truly believe that I become an extension of every client with whom I work. Each client has his own personality, philosophies, and ideas about what makes a great candidate. I make it my personal mission to fill each position.”

Jennifer joined her first executive recruiting firm while completing her Master’s Degree in Business from St. Thomas University. It was there that her passion for recruiting developed.

Working in a large firm gave Jennifer ideas about what she would like to do differently. At that point, she developed a successful business plan that would launch Becker Wright Consultants—Executive Recruiting with a Twist, here in Lakeway.

While many people in the industry get out when economy makes a downturn, Jennifer’s passion hasn’t waned. In fact, she has been able to weather economic challenges because of her strong network of satisfied clients who return time and again. Jennifer and her team thrive on the challenges of difficult to fill positions.

Becker Wright Consultants has grown from a one person startup to a small business with 12 recruiters, each with his or her specialty area. To date, the company has enjoyed a string of success in bringing qualified associates to some of the top companies in the US and has had a hand in hiring more than 200 associates nationwide and assisting more than 30 corporations.

While Becker Wright Consultants has had tremendous success with large companies, Jennifer and her team really love working with local companies—especially small to medium-sized businesses and startups.

“We love the excitement, passion, and entrepreneurial spirit we find with smaller businesses. We are excited to collaborate with them in finding the perfect people for key roles in their growing organizations. It is, in fact, a perfect marriage,” says Jennifer.

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